From: Jim on
> if you are fine compiling for Leopard only then things are ok when linking
> against libconv, but if you want your code to run on Tiger as well, you
> should avoid it, since the version on leopard is newer and you'll get
> linkage errors when starting the app under Tiger.
> I wrote about that a few months ago and IIRC we've added the necesary
> configure line so -with-iconv=no should work for the command line

Thanks Stefan,

I tried --with-iconv=no, and it didn't seem to affect things at all.
The strange part is that I have a complete iconv installation right
in /usr/lib.

So searching on the mailing lists, I found talk of enabling a
binary. When I added --enable-universal the build worked!

(this is on Leopard with wxWidgets HEAD 2.9.xxxx)