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From: lallous on

On Feb 4, 1:09 pm, Ulrich Eckhardt <eckha...(a)> wrote:
> Just for the record: Neither of the below methods actually produce a
> multiline string. They only spread a string containing one line over
> multiple lines of source code.

I meant:
"Note" -> "Note: I don't want to use new lines"

I did not want a multi line string

Thanks guys, method 3 seems to be good enough.
From: Aahz on
In article <cd36d2f3-fdd0-4dd0-ad60-d4d7500e3306(a)>,
lallous <lallous(a)> wrote:
>x = (
>"line1" # can use comments

You should indent the second and following lines (I changed the name to
"xyz" to make clear that the following lines use a regular Python indent
rather than lining up under the open paren):

xyz = (
"line1" # can use comments
Aahz (aahz(a) <*>

import antigravity
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