From: Stefan Fischer on

I'm working on a parser for race-simulation logs, which read data from a
multipart-form. It works fine under 1.8.x, but running on 1.9.1 it stops

"/usr/lib/ruby/ 1.9.1/cgi/core.rb:498:in `read_multipart': Accept
Charset encoding error (cgi:: InvalidEncoding) "

Hmmm, CGI::new (:accept_charset => 'utf-8') doesn't help.

Any hints for me?

Greetings, Stefan.
From: Stefan Fischer on
Am 22.02.10 18:45, schrieb David Wright:
> <form accept-charset="UTF-8"> to the multipart-form.

Works, but "ISO-8859-1" did not. I'm a beginner in cgi-programming.

Anyway, thanks for your help.

Greets, Stefan.