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"rogeepete" wrote:

> I ran this to check on my hard drive.although I do not have any problems now.
> I just wanted to familiarize this checking facility. I did this via: My
> Computer, My C (hard) drive, automatically fix
> errors....then, I received a
> message that I would have to restart windows. I did this and the chkdsk ran,
> but when I came to the listing of the results of the check, the screen
> disappeared
> in a split second - I could not even read the results and the pause key did
> not
> hold it on either. I'd like to see the results and would expect that one
> should be
> able to read them.
> Thanks for any help.
> --
> Roger

- Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer

- Click "Application" on the left

- Look for Winlogon and Event 1001

- Double-click the line with Winlogon and Event 1001.