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> Some scratching dogfish named JEDIDIAH murmured:
>> On 2010-01-05, Ezekiel <not-zeke(a)> wrote:
>>> Hint for you.... anyone who's going to be burning CDs and DVDs from the
>>> CLI is not a n00b. The built-in graphical wizzards are for the n00bs.
>> What graphical wizards?
>> Windows doesn't do anything with an ISO image. It never has.

Calling me stupid names won't change things.

The next time someone brings up the issue of burning a Linux image
in some future thread this will become an intolerable burden again.

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>Some idiotic yank named JEDIDIAH blew off:

Another useless exercise in kKid posturing....


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> Some screechy frat house named Fred Hall purged:
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>> wrote:
>>>An Old Friend wrote:
>>>>On Wed, 06 Jan 2010 15:58:26 +0545, Kadaitcha Man wrote:
>> *plonk*
> *plonk*
I told you to *plonk* off, fsckwit!