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Oops... that was someone else. Oh well.... :-(

> That didn't work but your second suggestion did... :-)
> Thanks!
>> "The Owner"...Windows have adminisrators with certain user rights,
>> but it also has "Thee Administrator",the s makes alot of diffrence.
>> Try safe mode,enter xp as the "administrator"...
>> "Menno Hershberger" wrote:
>>> I just did a system recovery on a Gateway with XP Pro from the
>>> restore partition on the hard drive. One of the restore options was
>>> to save the old windows files in a folder called Backup (date). So I
>>> did that. After restoring the OS I copied all the files I needed back
>>> into the new install from the backup folder. Then I wanted to delete
>>> the backup folder. Everything deleted OK except...
>>> C:\Backup\Windows\System32\Macromedia\Flash\flash8a.ocx
>>> No way in hell can I get it deleted. "access denied". I booted into
>>> Safe Mode where I could get to the security options and no matter
>>> what I try I can't remove the read only attribute. I'm already the
>>> owner and all the permissions are checked. I also tried the delete on
>>> boot option in HijackThis. But the file still won't go away. Googling
>>> says download the flashplayer uninstaller. But that doesn't work
>>> because this file is in a backup folder which is not the *real*
>>> installation. I also tried a Hiren's Boot CD. Same message there,
>>> "access denied". Of course, it is not "hurting" anything, but it'd
>>> sure be nice to get rid of that 5 deep ugly folder.
>>> Any ideas?
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