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"VanguardLH" wrote:

> Dawoodoz wrote:
> > The iso file containing Windows XP SP3 professional at MSDNAA seems to
> > be corrupt since there is no i386 folder and I have not recieved any
> > repily from the support after weeks of waiting. I have a MSDNAA
> > license from The Uppsala University but any request to redownload
> > goes nowhere.
> >
> > Is there anyone who hasn't gone fishing and can tell me where I can
> > get a working copy?
> Your *university* has an MSDN subscription (no "AA" edition is listed at
> And your association with your university is what?
> So did you login using your university's account at MSDN and then
> download the file? A limited number of support incidents are included
> with each MSDN subscription. Your university may have to pay for
> another one to open an incident for you. So what did they say when you
> wanted to open a trouble ticket with Microsoft using their subscription?
> Where did you try to get the download? Was it from their download page
> at
> Can't help you by checking their download since I don't have an
> available MSDN subscription (no longer at my prior software development
> employer that had all that stuff).
> No one here can help you with Microsoft's downloads. We are all just
> users here in a peer community called Usenet. You'll have to start
> exploring what support resources are available from your university or
> from Microsoft at:
> Have you asked over in their MSDN newsgroups? According to Microsoft at
>, they have
> forums. There are some microsoft.public.msdn.* newsgroups on
> non-Microsoft NNTP servers. They're probably referring to a private
> groups at
> NNTP to which you connect (to get at something like microsoft.private.*
> groups) so you will need to know the login credentials to use that NNTP
> server.
> Since the MSDN subscriptions include the "MSDN Library" which is a
> wallet containing all the CDs, why not use those?