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Hi Everyone

I had to re-install everything after Norton crashed my hard disk. I =

I am trying to install MySQL using the same installation files and =
method as before.=20

MySQL installed OK ( The mysql connector ODBC =
installed OK.

However, I cannot complete the MySQL Server Instance Configuration =
Wizard 1.0.8. After removing the previous attempt, I choose:
Detailed configuration
Developer machine
Transactional Database Only
Decision Support
Tick Enable TCP/IP Port number 3306 and tick Enable Strict Mode
Standard Character Set
Tick Install As Windows Service
Tick Bin Directory...
Service Name: MySQL
New root password entered correctly twice
Not tick Create Anonymous
When I execute, it ticks the Prepare and the Write items, puts a red x =
in Start service then says 'Could not start the service MySQL. Error: 0.

Any suggestions?

It was working fine before the reformat.

Thanks in advance.

Jonathan Trahair