From: Bob I on
It could be that your floppy drive has sat so long the head mechanism is
sticky and not tracking properly. When I have this issue I just take an
empty or expendable diskette and then format it several times. Do not
use Quick Format as that only deletes the directory area. You want the
system to run the heads back and forth over the entire head travel area.
If the drive doesn't want to reformat the disk because it's already
formatted, just get a magnet and stroke the surface of the disk case.
This will scramble any signatures on the disk and then the system will
reformat it. Just remember the idea is to drive the heads back and forth
over the full range of travel.

Helixal wrote:

> I just installed Windows xp sp3 on an older Compaq workstation. When I try
> to read a file on the A drive I can get the list of files on the floppy but
> I cant read any of the files even .txt files. I get messages like "cannot
> read theA:readme.txt file or in another case "the folder is invalid or
> corrupted" I can use notepad to write a file and then write it to the
> floppy and I can read the file back My objective in all this is to load
> windows 3.1 into the virtual machine Sun virtual Box. When I try to load
> the boot disk using virtual box I have the same problem.