From: Paul on
Graham wrote:
> Running winxp-pro , sata hard drives with intel ahci
> Ok So go to disk properties ....... error checking .. select
> auto fix ... error message ' needs to run at re-start.
> re-boot and chkdsk reports ntfs file system, cannot access
> volume , fails to run and boots into windows
> Try with window's running ...
> by -not- checking the 2 tic boxes .. chdsk runs , reports phase
> 1
> - , then phase 2 .. then reports 'cannot complete' stops and
> closes
> QQQ how to run disk utilities .. will not run in re-boot
> mode .. or directly from windows ???
> is this caused by the intel -sata disk driver ??

That means, you would have the SATA port in AHCI or RAID mode in
the BIOS, you pressed F6 during the installation, and offered
a floppy diskette with an Intel AHCI driver. So there should
already be an AHCI driver present in your OS.

But it also implies, if you ever need to access that disk, in
an environment where the driver doesn't exist, you'd have to offer
it again.

The purpose of doing chkdsk when Windows boots, is to be able
to grab the C: file system, before any of the files are made "busy"
by opening them. The system has a registry key called BootExecute,
that contains a string to run at that time. Any utility that
wants to "sandwich" itself into that sequence, can modify the string.
By default, the value would be "autocheck autochk *", which is a way
of determining whether any partition needs a check or not.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager
BootExecute REG_MULTI_SZ autocheck autochk *

Now, if some piece of software got to run, before autocheck,
then perhaps that is why it is failing.

In terms of repairing a problem like this, I've copied all the
files off a file system, reformatted the partition, and copied
the files back, and that seemed to solve an inability to complete
chkdsk. Doing that for C: is more difficult, because you'll
need to use the Recovery Console and use fixboot to put the
partition boot sector back on the partition, after the format
and copy step. If you just moved all the files off the partition,
then moved them back, maybe the problem would correct itself. At
the time I did mine, I figured formatting the partition was
the way to go.

Some more attempts here, to fix "Cannot open volume for direct access".
There are a few ideas in here worth trying.

"I uninstalled Spyware Doctor 3.5 and CHKDSK started to run properly."