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My name is Suganthi Vincent and I’m with Metabyte, Inc.

I have a challenging Job Opportunity for a C# Architect/ Developer, a
4 months contract to hire opportunity located in Wheeling, IL.

Please find the job details.

Title: C# Architect/ Developer
Location: Wheeling, IL
Rates: Market Rate

Please find the job description from the Hiring managers desk:

1. Real C# Experience
a. I am looking for someone that has actually released a commercial
software product that was developed and successfully released into the
market. We are developing desktop applications that will run on both
Windows XP (Windows 7) and SuSE Linux Enterprise Edition 11.
b. I am not looking for someone who merely knows of C# and has read a
book or two.
c. I am also not interested in anyone that has done web development.
If they have, great, but they better have solid desktop application
development experience first.
2. Mono Experience
a. I really need someone that has experience in writing C#
applications for Mono. Just so you know, C# runs on .Net and Mono is
an open source software framework that emulates a subset(or part)
of .Net, which in turn will allow applications written in C# targeted
for Mono to run on many systems that Mono has been ported to, such as:
Windows XP and SuSE Linux Enterprise Edition 11.
b. Just because someone has written an application in C# and in theory
C# applications should run on Mono simply is not true. Mono is a
rather small subset of the entire .Net framework and I’ve already gone
way beyond the theory stage. I have personally already written
applications that run on Mono that in turn run on both Windows XP and
SuSE Linux Enterprise Edition 11, so I don’t want to explain how this
works during the interview process if you know what I mean.
c. There is a very specific area of development that I am looking for
and I think these people can be filtered out by using the following
i. If Mono experience is the first hurdle, then someone that has
experience with the ‘Mono Tools for Visual Studio’ is the next
hurdle. FM is a Microsoft house. Meaning, the vast majority of
software development is done within Microsoft Visual Studio, which in
turn is why FM has chosen to use this plug-in for Visual Studio.
ii. If you can find someone that has used the plug-in, that is great.
The reason why is because we really want someone that has used the
‘Debug Remotely on Linux’ feature of the ‘Mono Tools for Visual
Studio’ because this is vital for our SuSE Linux development.

If interested, please send across your most updated resume along with
your expected hourly pay rate at your earliest convenience.

Please feel free to contact me.

Thanks & Regards,

Suganthi Vincent
510 405-1134 (Direct Line)

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