From: joviyach on
Anyone own one of these?

If so, what do you think of it?

From: Michael on
On Jan 5, 9:42 am, joviyach <joviy...(a)> wrote:
> Anyone own one of these?
> If so, what do you think of it?

I think it would be great if it ever comes out. Was suppose to come
out early 2009 but now it says sometime in 2010. Main issue is the
price. I could be a decent laptop for what they are asking for it. It
will just get the hard-core Commodore 64 people. No other person I
know of is going to pay the price they are asking for it. It has a lot
of what the 1541 Ultimate has except it has a clock port (for RR-Net
cards), stereo output, can display on a VGA Monitor, PS2 Keyboard/
Mouse support, and can possibly be stand alone.
From: Rainer Buchty on
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joviyach <joviyach(a)> writes:
|> Anyone own one of these?

You didn't read the fine print:
"Wir akzeptieren zwar bereits Vorbestellungen f�r Chameleon 64, allerdings
noch keine Bezahlung, da der Liefertermin noch nicht endg�ltig feststeht."

You may pre-order now, but there's no date of shipment yet (and also no
possibility to pre-pay).

Lotek64 had an article about the Chameleon 64 in the December 2008 issue
based on the information available back then.
(for those who are able to read German)

From: xc8/bRONx on
As far as I know this is not compatible with C128, right?
Also, I *hope* the s/w support will be BETTER than of the mmc64/
rreplay/mmc replay...