From: Jason on
We just released pychedder, an open source module for integrating
CheddarGetter with Python (and Django):

Anyone who's built commercial web app knows that payment processing
can be one of the toughest pieces to put in place - and it can
distract you from working on the core functionality of your app.
CheddarGetter is a web service that abstracts the entire process of
managing credit cards, processing transactions on a recurring basis,
and even more complex setups like free trials, setup fees, and

We're using CheddarGetter for and we thought the Python
community in general could benefit from the module we wrote to
interact with it. More just just a Python wrapper for CheddarGetter,
pycheddar gives you class objects that work a lot like Django models,
making the whole experience of integrating with CheddarGetter just a
little more awesome and Pythonic.

We're a week or two away from putting pycheddar into production on
FeedMagnet, but we felt like it was close enough that others could
start using it. We also published it to PyPi so you can easy_install
pycheddar and get the latest version (currently 0.9). Hope others can
benefit from it!

- Jason