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Frank brought next idea :
> Hi Garry.
> All criticisms are quite welcome.
> I'm a finance guy by the way.
> When I started using VBA 8 years ago, I was using the macro recorder
> and then cleaning it.

Hi Frank,

This confirms my suspicion. I didn't see any of that 'garbage' in your
code, so you've done well in that regard. Though, the evidence of its
step-by-step nature still shows.

Well, it sounds familiar. I guess I could consider myself a 'finance
guy' in that my formal schooling was business where I majored in
accounting and management. After college I worked for a Fortune500 firm
as a cost accountant doing production analysis and forensic accounting.
I left employment to put my schooling to use running my own business,
which was working at my hobby.

> As I got better with books, my skills improved. I build quite
> sophisticated spreadsheet applications. My clients like them. One even
> suggested I sell them but the quality of my programming skills is not
> high enough to make it commercial.

Sounds familiar, and is why I push myself toward becoming a pro-level
Excel developer. I usually do complex multi-sheet/multi-book projects
and spend a lot of time designing custom spreadsheet solutions. Not
claiming that I'm professional quality yet, but I aspire toward that
nevertheless. My accountant strongly urged me to make some of my
solutions commercially available. I resisted for a long time because I
felt they required more than an average level of skill by users, not
realizing the power of VBA as yet.<g>
> See, when you write “Each time you set/load variables with new values
> it adds to the amount
> of space reserved in memory each time you reset/reload. This mem is
> not
> cleared until your procedure ends and/or all the variables/refs are
> destroyed”, that just goes right over my head.
> I do make use of running several procedures from the main “button” (my
> worksheets involve buttons to execute the code”. I build of lot or
> errhandler. Sometimes too many and I had to revert to on error goto 0
> to find out about this column.value issue.

I started using Excel in v4 because that's what was in use where I
worked. I read my first VBA book (Excel 2000 Power Programming with VBA
by J. Walkenback) on Thanksgiving weekend of 2003. In May of 2004 I met
Rob Bovey after downloading his Excel Utilities addin. We quickly
developed a friendship based on common interest in Excel VBA. It wasn't
until several months had passed that I discovered he was one of the
leading Excel program development experts on the planet, who along with
other leading Excel experts, had authored a series of books on the
subject. I immediately added these books to my resources library, and
have purchased the revisions as they published ever since. I highly
recommend you obtain as many of these as is practical. The books I mean
are Wrox's Programmer to Programmer series name "Excel xxxx VBA
Programmer's Reference" by authors Bovey, Bullen, Green. The reason I
urge you to do this is because the series is discontinued. (Excel
2007... is the last edition published, and they'll not be authoring any
more in this series) Another book I highly recommend by the same
authors/publisher is "Professional Excel Development".

I have no doubt these books will take you closer to where you're more
comfortable about commercializing some of your solutions. All the best
wishes for that journey should you choose to go there!
> Again, thank for responding. I appreciate it.

You're certainly in the right neighborhood in this NG because there's
some very bright Excel programmers here. I have learned a lot from
reading their posts, and is why I try to give back where I can.



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