From: Payton Byrd on
On May 5, 9:19 am, David Murray <adri...(a)> wrote:
> > Wow, talk about cost reduction!  Not having to buy screws or pay the
> > labor to install them would have saved C= a ton of money.  There's a
> > reason the C64 was so profitable that it sold well into the 90's.
> I'm not sure if you are being serious or sarcastic.  But I actually
> like that design.  My unfortunate experience has been that many of the
> C64 units I have acquired in one form or another have screws that are
> either stripped out (the pastic part, not the screw itself) or have
> the wrong screws or no screws at all.   So if this design would allow
> decently easy opening of the case without using those screws, then
> great.

Not being sarcastic at all. It's a brilliant cost reduction move.
From: Sam on
I have one of this in my collection and just like that one of Mauro
"Made in China".
The case is not easy to opening so I prefer the versions with the

Did anyone know the Argentinian "Drean" version of the C64C has six
screws ??

Regards, SAM