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A +++ before an entry indicates that the entry is new, or has
been updated, or has changed, since the last Listing.

A --- before an entry indicates that the _prior_ entry
was removed from the list, since the last Listing.

A ??? before an entry indicates that the entry resolves, but
does not connect. The number next to it indicates the first report
from which this problem has been open. A host that does not connect
with 6 months of reported downtime or more will be deleted on the
next report. Please report if this host is working and the tag will
be removed.

The Last updated: date refers to the time this entry in the FAQ was
last updated, not when the site was. Sites active for long periods
of time may have "old" entries -- interpret this as a mark of

IP addresses are included for convenience and may abruptly change
if an ISP revises their address block or people move around. I
include them for the use of simple clients, but when in doubt, use
the name. Please report changes to me to keep this in sync.


This is the list of FTP sites containing software and programs
specific to the Commodore 64 and 128 computers, Vic-20, and
the PET. URL addresses are also listed, for convenience.

The original bi-monthly posting schedule is now in effect, and this
FAQ should appear automatically on the 6th and 20th of each month.

Please, if I'm off base, send E-mail with any corrections and updates. If
you uncover a site not listed, tell me so that it can be added. If a
site has closed or no longer carries CBM software, let me know and it
will be deleted. It is impossible to stay current on a long list, so I
depend on field reports.

I will only list FTP sites here, as there are now large numbers of web
based archives and links to them as well and I don't want to be redundant.
0ld sk00l rUl3z and all that.


To use this list on a UNIX system, just type 'ftp <sitename>', where
<sitename> is any of the Host or FTP sites listed below. Use 'anonymous'
as your login, and your E-mail address for the password. Or, use the
newer and easier, NcFTP. Type NcFTP <sitename>. If you find yourself
at the FTP> or NcFTP> prompts, type OPEN <sitename>. You can change
and list directories with 'cd' and 'dir', respectively, and download
files to your system using 'get'. Be sure to specify either 'binary'
if you are getting a program, or 'ascii' for a text file before you
begin the download.


In addition to the sites listed below, which have CBM software, there
are hundreds of other FTP sites on INet with interesting files covering
every topic imaginable. Take some time to seek out and explore these
other sites and their files too.

These sites are in no particular order, although I am now trying to list
more recent submissions first.


FTP: (
Last updated: 24 Jun 2006
Username: c64
Password: rulez
Directory: /
Description: Various scene and game-oriented files, including an FUnet mirror,
an NTSC demo area, a COMPUTE! archive and a Lt. Kernal archive.

FTP: (
Last update: 01 Sep 1997
Directory: /pub/cpm
Description: CP/M and various system files.
Also available by email from mail-server(a)

FTP: (
Last updated: 16 Jan 2006
Directory: /pub
Description: Demoscene-oriented, a lot of demos, magazines, tools.
Major site for the Plus4. Located in Hungary. Offers C64
and C128 stuff as well. The directory structure is:
Directory: c128 5/31/02 12:00:00 AM
Directory: c64 1/16/06 12:00:00 AM
Directory: 12/31/05 12:55:00 AM
Directory: incoming 4/24/02 12:00:00 AM
Directory: plus4 1/6/06 8:45:00 PM
Directory: users 9/3/05 7:16:00 AM

FTP: (
Last updated: 16 Jan 2006
Directory: /kermit/c
Description: Official distribution site for Kermit, the famous multi-system
terminal program. Offers SwiftLink and standard versions. For
64 and 128. Look for c64*.

FTP: (
Last updated: 16 Jan 2006
Directory: /midi/software/c64
Description: Information on MIDI for the C64 and some software.

FTP: (
Last updated: 6 Dec 2002
Directory: /pub/usenet-by-group/comp.sys.cbm/
Description: Relevant Commodore FAQ documents.

FTP: (
Last updated: 6 Dec 2002
Directory: /pub/c64
Description: Site for c64 software. Very active and currently maintained.
Demo-scene oriented with a large number of demos and coding tools.

FTP: (
Last updated: 15 Jun 1999
Directory: /pub/user/spectre/
Description: The Computer Workshops shareware archive. Various downloadable
utilities and games are also in this archive. Most programs
are shareware/freeware. Also distributes HyperLink and
support files, Kermit for the C64, and various other utilities.

FTP: (
Last updated: 16 Jan 2006
Directory: /pub
Description: This site is mantained by Bo Zimmerman. It contains many
Commodore utilities, programs made by a former group, and
some programs for BBS's. Lots of fun little system support
utilities, too. And he listens to KISS.

The new directory structure holds the former FUnet content
under /pub/cbm and also some CP/M items under /pub/cpm.

FTP: (
Last updated: 6 Dec 2002
Directory: /pub/c64
Description: Active demo site maintained by Trasher & Riddler of Active.
Also lots of emulator-oriented stuff, games, Amiga files
and other helpful utilities.

FTP: (
FTP: (
Last updated: 16 Jan 2006
Directory: /pub/c64
Description: Site of the Digital Dungeon (HQ. for SCS*TRC) featuring
games, demos, tools, and party pictures. Be sure to
check into all the directories and sub-directories of this
massive collection of CBM files, and the extensive
collection of music files and music tools. Many files are
Unix zipped. Unzip in your ISP shell.

The directory structure includes:
-rw-r--r-- 1 1008 1008 1001709 Jan 16 05:07 ALL-FILES.TXT
-rw-r--r-- 1 1008 1008 174848 Jan 15 22:46 DEMO122B.D64
drwxrwxr-x 5 1008 1008 4096 Nov 29 07:50 Demos
-rw-r--r-- 1 1008 1008 6876 Jan 13 11:36 MISSING_FILES.TXT
drwxrwxr-x 243 1008 1008 8192 Jan 16 11:35 Magazines
drwxrwxr-x 4 1008 1008 4096 Nov 06 13:25 Misc
drwxrwxr-x 10 1008 1008 4096 Dec 15 14:53 Music
-rw-r--r-- 1 1008 1008 18501 Jan 16 11:08 NEW-FILES.TXT
drwxrwxr-x 151 1008 1008 4096 Jan 15 00:43 Party
drwxrwxr-x 8 1008 1008 4096 Oct 17 2004 Scene
drwxrwxr-x 20 1008 1008 4096 Aug 24 10:51 Tools
-rw-r--r-- 1 1008 1008 1045 Oct 26 14:38 UPLOAD-RULES.TXT
drwxrwxrwt 7 1008 1008 4096 Jan 14 15:13 incoming


The latest version of The Commodore FTP Sites Listing (this list) can
be found in the Usenet newsgroup, comp.sys.cbm, where it is posted
twice monthly, generally at the beginning, and middle of each month.


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