From: Altair Brito on
Hello Everyone,

I have the following problem. I have two different database on the same
server, each one with a dif name of course, except they have the exact same
tables and basically the same data.

In some tables there are a few rows of data that are different from each
other. For example, in the clients table ( the numeration
started from 234 to 3734 but in the other database the clients table the
numeration started from 0 to 3500. Note that they are the exact same clients
and the exact amount of clients in each database clients table.

The second database is a new database that I have created so that I can
remove all the errors I had in the first database. Being so, I need to get
the total amount of purchased items (which is one cell in the clients table
that says for example 56,789$00) in the previous client table from the first
db so that I can place in the new clients table on the second db.

The problem is, being that the clients now have different numeration in the
new db from the old db, I need to compare a single cell or two (the
numeration, ID) from one db to the other db and place the amount of
purchased items (the 56,789$00) in the respective client automatically. This
way when I pull up the clients information on the new db, it'll give me the
same amount of purchased items from the old db.

Please help. Thanks in advanced,