From: Luis R. Rodriguez on
2.6.34 was released today and now we get a respective compat-wireless
stable [1] tarball based on it [2]. This gives us the 2.6.34 802.11
subsystem, bluetooth subsystem and new 802.11/bluetooth drivers
compilable and installable on older kernels. Please report any issues
ASAP. For details on changes you can refer to the
ChangeLog-2.6.34-wireless [3].

Worth mentioning for this release is I've updated the version tagging
for compat-wireless to allow distributions/users/developers to keep
better track of what exact revision is being used. This was based on
Pavel Roskin's suggestion to use read-only module parameters which are
kept even if you build this tarball into your kernel somehow. Here is
an example of the new files and example output based on this specific
new tarball release:

$ sudo grep '' /sys/module/compat/parameters/compat_*

Upon loading the compat module you would also see this output:

Compat-wireless backport release: compat-wireless-v2.6.34-6-g0ad438e
Backport based on linux-2.6-allstable.git v2.6.34

Since git describe is being used to describe both the base tree and
the compat-wireless release you will be able to tell how many patches
on top of the base tree have been applied. This should account for any
deltas you have created and reflect that (hope is the delta is always
0 with respect to upstream). In the above example output there are 6
patches on top of the "compat-wireless-v2.6.34" tag I created for the
first release, I then found some bugs due to the new version scheme
changes and fixed some of them, so I have applied 6 patches on top of
the original release.

I should note there are a few modules which *do not* make use of the
compat module but do make use of a lot of the defines at build time,
an example of such a module is rndis_wlan so you'd have to load the
compat module manually to get the above info or run strings on the

With bleeding edge releases you will now get:

$ sudo grep '' /sys/module/compat/parameters/compat_*

The respective output upon load is:

Compat-wireless backport release: compat-wireless-20100517-7-ged07f6b
Backport based on linux-next.git next-20100517

If there are any questions please let me know.

On a final note thanks to all those who have contributed to this
2.6.34 release of both the generic kernel compatibility module and
compat-wireless, specially to Haukes and Pavel.

Below is the shortlog linux-2.6.33.y.. of compat-wireless:

Bala Shanmugam (1):
compat-2.6: New targets to compile bluetooth alone

Hauke Mehrtens (17):
compat-wireless: Add more functions into netdev oops backport
compat-wireless: backport kfifo for libertas
compat-wireless: Backport net_device_ops set_mac_address
compat-wireless: activate usbnet for kernel > 2.6.28
compat-wireless: Activate ssb and libertas
compat-wireless: Add missing file
This adds a refresh option to using quilt.
compat-wireless: Refresh patches
compat-wireless: small fixes to
compat-wireless: Backport netdev_ops select_queue
compat-wireless: remove device_type in usbnet.c
compat-wireless: missing ksize export
compat-wireless: fix constant name
compat-wireless: fix bluetooth capi build
compat-wireless: update .gitignore
compat-wireless: update config options
compat-wireless: Fix refresh script if no patches are available

Luis R. Rodriguez (55):
Update patch hunk offsets for next-20091228
Intel removed uts header, update patch for that
Update patch hunks for next-20100106
Remove pointless bt-install-scripts extra target
Fix iwlagn patch offset breakage
Update patch 01-netdev.patch offsets
Update 17-netdev-queue.patch offsets
Update hunk offsets for 15-symbol-export-conflicts.patch
Update error message on old unsupported kernels
Add support for driver-select to enable older kernels
Stop carrying around bitops.h header
Stop carrying around pm_qos_params.h
Stop carrying around the include/linux/unaligned stuff
Actually copy over the new headers from compat
Move down bluetooth options
Prevent CONFIG_COMPAT_BLUETOOTH_* options from going to compat_autoconf.h
Disable bluetooth compat for kernels older than 2.6.27
Enable CONFIG_BT_CMTP only if CONFIG_BT_CMTP is enabled
Ran ./scripts/ refresh
Fix driver-select for ath9k and ath5k
Fix a few typos on and the new enable olde kernel patches
Enable 2.6.23 for ath9k and ath5k
Backport access to pcidev->is_pcie member for kernels < 2.6.24
Add backport for netns for kernels <= 2.6.24 for 802.11
Disable 2.6.24 for ath9k and ath5k
./scripts/ refresh
Fix typo on 06-header-changes.patch
Enable CONFIG_COMPAT_FIRMWARE_CLASS for kernels < 2.6.33
Fix driver_select for ar9170
Only build compat_firmware_class if CONFIG_FW_LOADER was enabled
Copy over the new udev scripts/rules from compat.git
./scripts/ refresh
Run refresh for 2010-02-01
compat-wireless: fix patches/16-bluetooth.patch
Run ./scripts/ refresh
Fix patches/16-bluetooth.patch
./scripts/ refresh for next-20100216
Backport multiqueue support for kernels < 2.6.27
Add linux-next cherry picked patches directory
Skip empty patch directories if one is found.
Some updates to make the patches apply to 2.6.34
admin-update refresh
compat-wireless: add test cherry pick patch
Fix drivers usb Makefile for 2.6.34
./scripts/ refresh
Change to use system version files
Split up the NOSTDINC_FLAGS into a few lines
Use the defines to tag the compat module
Document /sys/module/compat/parameters/compat_* on README
Fix dependency on on WEXT
Fix the CREL compat-wireless release name on top level Makefile
Fix for new version name changes
Fix scripts/driver-select due to new version changes
Add the compat to the unload of the modules

And the generic kernel compatibility module keeps moving along as
well, here's that shortlog:

Felix Fietkau (2):
compat: fix firmware class compile on linux 2.6.32
compat: add rcu_dereference_check

Grazvydas Ignotas (1):
compat: fix uevent_suppress on 2.6.29 or older kernels

Hauke Mehrtens (19):
compat: fix two return types
compat: autoconf.h moved from linux/ to generated/ with kernel 2.6.33
compat: build pccard and pcmcia condituinaly
compat: fix build with CONFIG_USB=m
compat: fix build on arm
compat: backport genlmsg_unicast
compat: backport some netdevice.h defs
compat: backport some more of the netdev debug printk
compat: fix some build problems with kernel 2.6.24
compat: backport device_{lock,trylock,unlock}
compat: update bitops.h
compat: backport PCMCIA_DEVICE_PROD_ID3
compat: Backport clamp
compat: Add definitions needed for libertas sdio driver.
compat: Add linux/version.h include before using it.
compat: backport convert multicast list to list_head.
compat: update compat_firmware_class.c to new version
compat: backport sk_sleep
compat: backport usb_alloc_coherent() and usb_free_coherent()

Luis R. Rodriguez (17):
Add notes about why debugfs_remove_recursive() cannot be backported
Update for next-20100113
Backport the new firmware_class from > 2.6.33 down to 2.6.23
Enable the compat_firmware_class to be built only on < 2.6.32
Enable 2.6.33 compatibility
Fix loading of compat_firmware_class due to class name conflict
Only build compat_firmware_class if CONFIG_FW_LOADER was enabled
Fix build with CONFIG_PCMCIA disabled
Fix build with CONFIG_USB disabled
Install udev rules and scripts needed for compat_firmware_class
Add a print for v2.6.34-rc4
compat: add compat_version read-only module parameter
Modify compat main print
Fix the syntax for the defines passed for compat

Pavel Roskin (9):
compat: backport for ARM dma_sync_single_range_*() helpers
compat: backport debugfs_remove_recursive()
compat: move debugfs_remove_recursive() to compat-2.6.27
compat: define KEY_RFKILL, which appeared in Linux 2.6.33
compat: add compat-2.6.35.h and IW_HANDLER
compat: add qdisc_all_tx_empty for Linux 2.6.26 and older
compat: add device_create() implementation for Linux 2.6.26 and older
compat: add stub headers linux/tracepoint.h and trace/define_trace.h
compat: add net/net_namespace.h stub for Linux 2.6.23 and older


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