From: Charles Oliver Nutter on
On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 1:20 PM, Aytug Gurbuz <axabert(a)> wrote:
> I write scripts under Linux using Ruby.
> It wouldn't matter releasing the code as long as the code is MINE.
> However, if I develop software for a company, and if a rival gets a hold
> of the code; you can consider me fired.
> So what are the options?
> I believe JRuby or IronRuby hide the code right? I haven't used these,
> so please inform me.

There are several vendors who use JRuby to pre-compile code for
release as packaged software. The pre-compiled code is just JVM
bytecode, so it's possible to decompile it to something...but it would
be hard to duplicate it without a lot of effort. Since you can also
bundle it up inside a .jar file and provide a simple executable, most
users would never bother cracking it open. Using JRuby has the added
benefit that your bundle doesn't need to be rebuilt for any platform;
if there's a JVM installed (and there probably is), it will just work.

My opinion: despite what others on this thread have said, sometimes
there's a real need to at least make it difficult to reverse-engineer
code when you ship a packaged application. Using JRuby is probably the
easiest way right now.

- Charlie

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