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I want to design a test for my students, who need to memorize -- verbatim --
a list of 37 characteristics. I would like to use an Excel 2007 spreadsheet
to allow them to practice. Ideally, the practice spreadsheet would possess
the following characteristics, based upon text-based input:
- keyboarding the phrase verbatim changes the block to green; or,
- keyboarding a phrase which does not match, but which does contain the
keywords, changes the block to yellow; or,
- entering a complete miss tchanges the block to red.

I can conditionally format one cell to correspond to a "paired" cell and
achieve the results I want; however, students don't always learn the
characteristics in the same order -- some use the alphabet, some use
geography, others seem to "free-flow" their answers.

How do I compare their entry to 37 possible answers, and provide the correct
result? Also, I don't want them to enter one correct response 37 times, and
achieve 37 "greens."

Can anyone assist?

thanks in advance!

On the Sun Coast