From: lcb4kc on
I have 2 spreadsheets (#1, #2) in a workbook. Speadsheet #1 has 2 columns
which are "dates of inquiries received (in cell A2:A129)" and the second is
"amounts worked on inquiry in minutes (B2:B129)". Spreadsheet #2 is a summary
of spreadsheet #1 and has rows in weekly increments and columns with the
headings of days of the week (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri) each of which have
subheading of "amounts of inquiries received ", "amount of minutes worked on
inquiry", "% of time spent on inquiry (based on a 2250 minute work day)" and
finally 2 more colums at the end summarizing the "total of weekly minutes
worked on inquiry" and "% of weekly minutes worked on inquiries (based on a
11250 minute work week)". With your help, I have the formula for spreadsheet
#2 "amount of inquiries received" =COUNTIF('Details
2008'!A:A,DATE(2008,1,7+(ROWS(B$3:B3)-1)*7)). With this formula I was able
to do a fill down and get the counts incrementally by week (FANTASTIC). Now I
need to find the formula to do the same for each daily subheading in
spreadsheet #2 and the final weekly count (last 2 columns of spreadsheet #2).
Any advice?