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Christian Kirsch wrote:

> Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn schrieb:
>> It has been BCP since JavaScript 1.2 (Netscape Navigator 3.0) that
> Bad coding practice?

That this was not meant can be determined from the context in which it was

> Best coding practice?

Close enough. Best _Current_ Practice was meant.

> Brutally concocted proposition?


> I really don't mind acronyms as long as they are commonplace. But since
> you prefer "getElementById" over "$" in JavaScript, why not take the
> time to spell out what you mean in human readable text?

I assumed everyone interested would be familiar with it, and those who
would not understand would not hesitate to ask. And I have been right.

> BTW: The first hit google offers for BCP is "Best corporate publishing".

Here it is "Airport parking with BCP" :)

When it doubt, first try a dictionary entry, like


So you see it is an acronym that is quite commonplace after all.

Happy New Year, BTW.

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