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On Jul 26, 3:38 pm, Paashaas <paash...(a)> wrote:
> Op 26-7-2010 19:00, Martijn van Buul schreef:
> > Did anyone ever bother to open up one of these? As far as I know, they're
> > closely related to the 1084 - which did have split luma/chroma. I wouldn't
> > be surprised if it could be easily converted.
> > That said, you have two options:
> Thanks for the answer! Unfortunately I am totally not into building
> electronics stuff; I'm afraid even building a simple cable is too
> complicated for me.

I once connected a C128 to a VIC 20 monitor with a cable with an 8 pin
din on the computer side and 2 RCA jacks .for separate LUMA/ CHROMA
video. Just combine the LUMA and CHROMA leads with a Y cable. Plug
the Y into the RCA video jack in the monitor. When I did this, I was
SHOCKed that it worked!!
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