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Thank you all very much for your replies. Appreciate your thoughts. I'll check this out.




> On 2010-06-25, Tim Harig <usernet at> wrote:
>> It sounds to me, since your script is acting on an event, that it
>> would benefit from using something like inotify, or whatever your
>> system equivilant would be (FSEvents for Mac? FAM framework for general
>> POSIX. There are python modules available.), so that your script can
>> react when (and only when) it notices changes to the folder in question.

> pynotify (Linux inotify):
> FSEvents wrapper:
> FAM:
> C libraries and daemon:
> Python wrapper:
> Similar functionality is available for other platforms; but, you will need
> to look at the documentation for those platforms for information on how to
> access it.