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In a VBA routine a selected ranges in Excel (2003) is copied and paste in
PowerPoint. The routine runs a loop with an number of entities.
A number of rows and columns in the selected area are grouped on a lower
level and only cells on level1 are visiblebefore CopyPicture.It works OK
apart from one problem. The problems is that some of the columns, furthest to
the right, are not included in the PowerPoint shape.
It can vary a little some what which user runs the routine.
Below extract from the code.
Thanks in advance for any help.

"Worksheets("Forecast Report").Range(Cells(11, 25), Cells(53, 51)).CopyPicture
shn = pptapp.Presentations(ppfilename).Slides(pp2).Shapes.Count
ppheigt = 320
Set Shape4 = pptapp.Presentations(ppfilename).Slides(pp2).Shapes(shn)
With Shape4
.Name = compl & ppcur & "shapetable"
.Top = 75
.Left = 20
.Height = ppheigt
End With "

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Is the power point object a picture or an excel object? Have you check
is the picture is croped or the excel object isn't display all the

Double click the Power Point Object and see if you can tell what is

You may want to changge the Paste to PasteSpecial so you can select the
type of object that is savgved in Power Point.

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