From: JR on
On Jan 22, 10:57 am, Diddum <> wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> Until now I've only needed some php for my simple web pages, but now
> I think I may need to learn javascript. Before that, I would like to
> know
> if the following behaviour can be obtained by means of some javascript
> code
> Simplifying... I have a web page (say mymain.php) in php/html with a
> html form,
> with just a text field and a button. Something like this:
> <form  method="POST"  action="foobar.php" >
> <input type="text"  name="footxt" SIZE="8">
> <input type="submit" value="gogogo">
> </form>
> This is the scenario that I want to change:
> The user lands on this page (mymain.php), then put something in the
> text field,
> then clicks on the button, invoking the action page foobar.php.
> Then usually the user go back (with "back" on the browser) to
> mymain.php,
> change the field, click the button, and so invokes again foobar.php.
> And so on.
> In practice, the page mymain.php is loaded once (then lies in the
> browser memory)
> while foobar.php is loaded with POST parameters each time the user
> clicks the button.
> What I want to obtain:
> When the user clicks on the button, instead of loading always
> foobar.php,
> I want that the form invokes randomly, say, fub1.php and fub2.php.
> Clearly, using server side php, I can modify easily mymain.php in such
> a way that
> more or less half of the users load a form with action="fub1.php" and
> the
> others load a page with action="fub2.php". But in this way, once
> mymain.php
> has been loaded, each user, going back and forth, will load always
> fub1.php
> or always fub2.php.
> Instead I want that the same form, in some way, would lead sometimes
> to fub1.php and sometimes to fub2.php.
> Like, magically, the click on the button could randomly rewrite the
> action target of the
> form....
> I apologize for this long message, but while the problem is simple, I
> had some
> difficulties in explaining it clearly.

Have you tried using headers (Expires and Cache-Control) instead of