From: kirstymahers on
Just to be clear im not brilliant when it comes to computers, but i have had
my laptop for 3 years and it has run brilliantly until now.
in the last few days i have had an alert come up on the screen sayin the
DCOM server launcher process has suddenly terminated and windows needs to
shut down. the aler tgives me 1 minute to save any work and then the laptop
shuts down and restarts itself. this seems to happen randomly at least a
couple of times every hour.
I have AVG as my firewall and have removed norton from my laptop and also
any other programmes i do not need, i have also defragged and done a disk
clean up and removed internet history files. none of which seem to have
solved the problem.
if anyone has any other suggestions i would be grtefull of the help, its
starting to become very annoying!
thank you

From: Beverly Howard on
>> if anyone has any other suggestions... <<

Think the best suggestion would be to post it elsewhere as it does not
appear to relate to pocketpc's ;-)

Beverly Howard