I am using the Debug4X Inform Editor to build an input box for a
Surveying application. The default softkey menu uses three of the six
boxes, for EDIT, CANCL, and OK. I want to take one of the three unused
menu boxes and put the "HMS->" command in it, and probably use the
other two available menu boxes for other commands. Is there any way
to change this default menu? I have written a little SysRPL code but
am in no way an expert. I read the Inform Box chapter in the
"Programming With System RPL" manual, but the inform box source code
produced by Debug4X is so different from the examples in the manual
that I have not been able to hack the source code directly to embed
the revised menu I want. I think the default softkey menu definitions
might be handled in one of the two Include files that Debug4X attaches
to it's Inform box source code, but I have not been able to nail down
the actual block of code in either of the Include files that handles
this task (if they even do).
Thanks for any help.