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"Kathy" wrote:

> WinXP SP3
> A couple of weeks ago I downloaded a photo editor, Serif PhotoEditor SE, and
> not so cleverly made it the default program for JPG files. Now I can't
> figure out how to change JPG back to Paint.
> Here's what I've done so far to try to fix it.
> In Windows Explorer clicked Tools | Folder Options | File Types
> Clicked on JPG
> What it says is that it opens with Paint but that I have customized files
> with ext 'JPG'. To restore them to default (Serif PhotoPlus Picture) click
> restore.
> OK, so I clicked restore because then that button becomes advanced. So I
> clicked on Advanced button. And removed the open action.
> Then added the open action back and said to use paint.exe. And then
> clicked "set default" button. And then OK.
> But it still says that JPG are type "Serif PhotoPlus Picture" and that's
> what I want to change.
> I can't figure out how to change the default back to paint.
> Can you help please? I thank you for your help.
> Here's one last thing I did. At the point where I deleted the open action I
> then just saved that setting without adding the add action back. Now the
> JPG files open with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, which looks like what
> they opened with before so I must have been wrong about them opening with
> Paint. But. It still says that they are Serif PhotPlus Picture type. How
> can I change that? And maybe I should be asking what I should change them
> to if not Paint.
> Thanks again.
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> Kathy
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- Click Start
- Then click My Computer
- Select Local Disk (C:), this will open Windows Explorer
- Click Tools > Folder Options, File Types tab
- Select JPG
- Click Change
- Select the program that you would like to use to view JPG images (Paint)
- Click OK