From: VanguardLH on
DaffyD� wrote:

> This is a non-issue which I will no longer address. Besides, I'm no longer
> using NOD32.

Hopefully you are still using some anti-virus/malware program to protect
your host. The point was to merely and very easily configure the anti-virus
program to stop spamifying your posts (by NOT appending its non-signature
into the body of your post). NOD32 isn't the only AV program that has this
feature that cajoles it users into becoming spamming affiliates. Avast that
I use also has this "feature" which is not only spamming but makes the
poster look stupid by pretending the added text would in any way guarantee
the post was malware-free.

It wasn't necessary to stop using NOD32. Scanning your inbound NNTP posts
might have some value *if* you frequent the binary groups. But scanning
outbound posts and/or spammifying those outbound posts with their
advertisement is so ridiculous and amateurish.

On reflection, I should've probably added "OT:" to the Subject header in
this subthread.