From: Andreas Möller on

those interested in the MultiLingualPack and/or a better EQNLIB might
want fill out this form

and submit their internal S/N through it as described here

Assuming that you have provided your correct internal S/N you will
then receive an E-mail from me with a demo version of the MLP.

A SD card is needed for the installation. The demo version is fully
functional and has no restrictions. Please ensure that you are running
at least ROM 2.00 or better. Only official ROMs from HP are
supported !

The Evaluation License Agreement grants you a non-exclusive License to
use the product for an evaluation period of thirty (30) days from the
date you install the product. On the thirty-first (31) day after you
installed the product you must either register the product by means of
purchasing a commercial License Agreement or destroy all copies of the
product in your possession, and any related documentation.


From: Andreas Möller on
What I forgot:

A short video showing TreeBrowser and the Equation Library can be
found here:

And here one can see how easily it is to create your own Equation
Using an emulator for it allows rapid typing ;-)