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Thank you everyone for your suggestions, I had thought by having a '0' in
front of the single digit numbers I could then just use the Sort AZ in
ascending order when needing to rearrange the data required, but the
returning a value in seconds and not displaying it would work too.

"John Spencer" wrote:

> If you want to sort in order, use a second call to generate the sort order,
> you don't have to display this value, but you can sort by it.
> DateDiff("s",[FirstDate],[SecondDate])
> That should return the number of seconds between the two dates so you can sort
> by that and display the results of the Diff2Dates call.
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> youkr wrote:
> > I have used the above function, however was wondering if there is a way I can
> > change what is returned?
> > At times I get records 1 day 10 hours 4 minutes, and other times 1 hour 8
> > minutes. When I try to place these returned records in ascendingdescending
> > order according to this field they do not return in order as there is not a
> > '0' before the '01' hours. Is there any way of doing this?
> >
> > The more I play aroudn the more questions I have!!
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