From: Aaron Bertrand on
> maybe its 08 only, not sure. but according to the docs it should do it.

Did you try it?

"According to the docs"... The doc you cited explains how dates are
interpreted when you manually type string literals. The problem shil was
having is that the data is in a table and being selected (nobody is typing
these dates in this case, shil just wants them to display in a different
string format when being selected.


From: dan kirk on
Not only is it unambiguous, it sorts a lot better when converted to text.

Dan Kirk

"Aaron Bertrand" <moc.liamg(a)dnartreb.noraa> wrote in message
> You need to change your query using CONVERT or .
> PS wanting it to show m/d/y is bad. Someone from England using your machine
> will think that is July 6th, not June 7th. At least YMD is unambiguous.
> On 10/7/09 2:41 PM, in article
> 55e20148-7291-48f0-964c-ce5107bcde86(a), "shil"
> <joshilat(a)> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> When I execute a SQL query to display values from a table, the date
>> format is being displayed as "2009-06-07 00:00:00". But I would like
>> it to display as "6/7/2009 12:00:00 AM".
>> Is there any setting in the Management Studio I need to set?
>> My laptop's Language is set to "English (United States)" in the
>> Regional and Language Settings.
>> Thanks.