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Hello again, people

On Feb 11, 6:30 pm, Francis Carr <coldtort...(a)> wrote:
> > I can't believe the code editing situation today is in a such sorry
> > state.
> I can't believe an old coder is feeling so sorry for himself.

Ok, I'm feeling sorry; still, I think I made a point.

> > Today, I tried to understand the twisted.web.client code and I found 3
> Maybe the relevant lesson to be taken from Smalltalk is *not*
>   "put it all in one image"
> but instead
>   "write code to solve problems, e.g., reading code"

> I suggest defining a few shell functions to *automate* the search, for
> example in zsh
> function allf () {

> Smalltalk's images are cool.  But they are such a huge hammer, and
> they impose so many additional requirements!  The costs outweigh the
> cool.

Francis, I disagree on the final balance statement about the Smalltalk
images and I thank you for your suggestions on how to use grep and
shell scripting.

I also have no problem to admit I was feeling sorry for myself.

But today I found something I think is relevant to this thread.

It's here:

it's about a IDE for Java called Bubbles.

It sports a zooming interface and the MAIN idea it proposes, in my
opinion, is that the code is NOT thought as files content, rather as
fragments, called bubbles.

And then you arrange your bubbles in a 2d space a little bit like in a

I think it's very similar to the Smalltalk image thing (as a concept,
if not as an implementation), with its live things and direct

If you open the footage directly in youtube, you can go to some
"related" footages about a similar thing made by Microsoft that of
course ditches the main idea retaining the concept of files and
directories, overlapping the concept of files and classes (sigh).

I didn't imagine such a research existed and the discovery confirms to
me that the bother I indicated in this thread is somewhat shared by
someone, around the world.

As for my feelings, I swear I'm taking care of them in a way that
doesn't involve bothering anyone on any newsgroup ;-)

Steve, does Bubble gets any closer to your vision than the "ugly"
Smalltalk thing ?