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Better with lemon Pledge :-)


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> Better with lemon Pledge :-)

As an added bonus, with a little Velcro tape, you can re-purpose your
laptop as a stickup air freshener.

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It's called a thread, do try to keep up. :o)

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>It's called a thread, do try to keep up. :o)

Sorry I have Alzheimer's disease.
If people top post and remove all the quotes of the previous
conversation I get completely lost!

Didn't I explain this already?
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>Well - *I* did - to help me fix an elderly friend's machine!
>Albeit that I bought it at a very special discounted price!
>It came by post (snail mail) on a DVD!

I stand by what I said. Most "driver updaters" are really malware in one form
or another. I go to the website for the hardware company and download the
latest driver. It is not inconvenient. I do it all the time. In fact when
installing printers I usually go to the website instead of using the CD
because the driver from the website is the latest.