From: Kathy Taylor on
Anna wrote:

> Kathy:
> Yes, it would be necessary to shut down the PC in order to boot to the other
> OS. For example, if you booted to your XP OS contained on your removable HDD
> and then desired to boot to your Linux OS contained on your
> internally-connected HDD, you would first have to shut down the PC,
> power-off (or disconnect) the removable HDD and then power-on your PC.
> Obviously you understand you're doing all this from the comfort of your
> computer chair, right?
> I do not know in what specific context that "hot swappable" phrase you came
> across was used. I would only guess that it refers to the fact that either
> you could install different hard drives in the mobile rack and use each as a
> removable HDD at different times or the fact that if you were using two
> removable HDDs (two mobile racks installed), the removable HDD connected as
> a secondary storage device could be "swapped", i.e., another secondary HDD
> in the removable tray could be installed in its place while the system had
> booted to the other OS.
> As an example...
> Let's say you were working with two removable HDDs (two mobile racks
> installed in your PC case) and you have booted to your XP OS contained on
> the "first" removable HDD. Your other removable HDD containing the Linux OS
> is connected as a secondary HDD, or you have not connected that latter HDD
> at all during this XP boot operation.
> Now you decide to use your backup program to backup the contents of your XP
> OS HDD. You have a third HDD installed in a removable tray which you use for
> backup purposes. You would simply insert that removable tray in the mobile
> rack (after removing the removable tray containing your Linux system should
> that removable HDD be present) and perform the backup operation. To that
> extent the backup (secondary) HDD in its removable tray is "hot swappable".
> It can later be removed following the backup operation without any problem
> while the system is still booted to the XP OS.
> Similarly if you used other HDDs in removable trays they could likewise be
> inserted in the second mobile rack while the system has been booted to this
> or that OS. Naturally any "other" HDD used in that way would be treated by
> the system as a secondary HDD. If that HDD contained an OS it would not be
> booted to until you shut down the PC and specifically booted to that
> particular OS.
> Anna

Thank you. You've been very helpful. I'm going to order a few from New Egg.

Kathy Taylor.