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On 2010-07-13, Skybuck Flying <IntoTheFuture(a)> wrote:
> I do not believe Spain is better.
> They had many chances and scored none... proving the defence of the
> Netherlands was adequate.

The Netherlands also had many chances and scored none. Spain was lucky,
and Netherlands were careless in having an open player near the goal,
and being able to get the ball to him. To argue that the lost corner so
disconcerted the netherlands for over minutes that they lost is arguing that they
were incompetent, in which case they deserved to lose. Remember that
they had 10 yellow cards as well.

> Only when the refferee made a mistake a goal occured.

What mistake?
One might call the obvious holding by Spain on Robin's breakaway a far
worse mistake.
By the end of the game, Spain was constantly getting the play into the
Netherland's area, making a eventual goal likely. And it happened when N
defense broke down a bit (perhaps because they only had 10 players).

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