From: Andrew Morton on
On Fri, 9 Jul 2010 13:10:42 +0200
Thomas Renninger <trenn(a)> wrote:

> From: Jason Baron <jbaron(a)>

You forgot to cc Jason.

> Make sure we properly call ddebug_remove_module() when a module fails to
> load. In addition, pass the pointer to the "debug table", to both
> ddebug_add_module(), and ddebug_remove_module() so that we can uniquely
> identify each set of debug statements. In this way even modules with the
> same name can be properly identified and removed.
> Kernel bug reference:
> By trenn (for stable people):
> Not sure for how long this bug exists (always?), it nearly patches
> fine for a 2.6.32 kernel...

It's unclear what kernel this is against. It applies quite badly to
mainline. I fixed all that up then lost the result :( It doesn't apply
cleanly to 2.6.34 either.

I was going to steal your changelog and add it to Jason's patch but
Jason's patch generates a reject storm against mainline too.

Giving up.

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