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> > (6/11/10 2:56 AM), Arindam Banerjee wrote:> Which means, e=mcc is totally
> > ballocks, and thus energy is NOT formed
> > > by the destruction of mass.
> > > Solar energy thus is NOT formed from fusion, but from the effects of
> > > the equation
> > > e=0.5mVVN(N-k)
> > > which throws out the law of conservation of energy
> > > and explains the reason for the strong magnetic fields of terrerstrial
> > > bodies like the Sun, Earth and Jupiter as a result of electric
> > > currents flowing in a cold superconducting metal core.

The earth has a cold superconducting metal core?

Most (sane) people believe that the earth's interior is hot.

In fact, "The geothermal gradient is the rate at which the Earth's
temperature increases with depth, indicating heat flowing from the
Earth's warm interior to its cooler surface. Away from tectonic plate
boundaries, it is 25-30�C per km of depth in most of the world."

Are you proposing some kind of "high-temperature superconductivity"?

How old are you?

(Age 79)