From: Tristan on
i have a list of people that uploaded their videos waiting to be encoded.

these are the line items for the db

id | member_id | created | status

I just want to make sure that everyone gets a turn processing.

I was thinking WHERE DISTINCT(member_id) and created (oldest)

but i see some flaw in that.

if someone uploaded 20 vids and then someone else uploads 30 vids they'll
still have to wait until the 20 finish.

Almost have to keep a list of the users being processed in another table and
if someone else comes along append them in.

say we have 5 people that uploaded multiple videos. I want it to go like

sandy, tom, jim, harry, star

and then back to

sandy, tom, jim, harry, star

then if someone else comes into the mix. add them to that queue

Thanks, T