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Hi Everyone,

I am working on a couple of angles to export a report directly to
powerpoint, and so far it seems that the approach Stephen Lebans took
to handling snapshot files is going to work well. Unfortunately
Stephens method of reading the decompressed snapshot is not very
elegant, although extremely creative. There is another DLL that shows
the headers and streams etc from the snapshots compound storage file,
which is Edanmo' Storage Class. I was hoping to head down the path of
using this class but am having trouble finding functional code
examples. If anyone knows of any I would greatly appreciate it.

My goal is to do the following:
- produce Snapshot of report
- decompress Snapshot
- read contents (streams) to establish EMF's inside
- extract streams into memory (probably byte array)
- place EMF data into stdPicture (maybe this can be done in one
step....... I dont know yet)
- Instantiate Powerpoint through automation
- create new presentation
- insert slide
- insert 'picture'
- set the 'picture' contents to the stdPicture
- save the presentation

(**I am interested particularly in the LoadPicture method of the
OLEStorage object which might be able to do the EMF to stdPicture in a
single step - if anyone knows how to use it)

Reading the streams is where I am stuck. Any guidance would be greatly
appreciated. I can see them, I just cant seem to do anything with
them. I am guessing it is my misuse of the .dll and its methods.


The Frog
From: The Frog on
Solved the problem a different way, but will need to come back to
this. Working with compound files is seemingly needlessly complex. I
will post the solution in another thread in the next few days. Its not
perfect, but its working really well (so far)......


The Frog