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Responding to Mike Jones:

> Responding to Mike Jones:
>> I have an mpg file bigger than 4GB. (mplayer recording of an old VCR
>> tape). I can play it in mplayer and Xine, but can't open it in avidemux
>> to edit it.
>> Suggestions?
> Now here's a thing...
> Record VCR feed using mencoder, generating VIDGRAB.mpg
> Avidemux won't open it.
> do a mencoder VIDGRAB.mpg -o VIDGRAB2.mpg
> ...and Avidemux will open this one. Huh?

Ok, so here's how I was screwing things up.

Not reading the man page for mencoder fully, I'd assumed the first record
could\would be an mpg. If you try to save to VIDGRAB.mpg mencoder appears
to try to do the right thing, but generates a messy version. The "first
record" thing needs to be done as an VIDGRAB.avi, which simply wraps the
raw data in the avi "container" nice an neatly, ready for the next step.

My next step is to use ffmpeg to convert this to a proper DVD compliant
mpg file. (I think there is a way to do the recording directly to a DVD
compliant VIDGRAB.mpg, and be able to do AV sync adjustment using ffmpeg
instead of mencoder, but I'm still playing with that one.)

ffmpeg -i VIDGRAB.avi -target pal-dvd VIDGRAB.mpg

....and then open the resulting VIDGRAB.mpg in Avidimux for editing, and
final assembly using DeVeDe to generate a burnable XYZ.iso file

Hope this is of use to somebody.

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