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Have trawled through the forum and couldn't find the answer so hopefully one
of you clever people can help me :-)

I have a user who is embedding a simple table from an Excel document into
Word (he does this by copying the data from Excel, selecting Paste Special in
Word and then choosing Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Workbook Object (with
display as icon UNticked).

This appears fine. Double click on the embedded object and the Excel toolbar
spawns within Word so that's groovy. Save the document (locally or to the
network) and when re-opening the Word document, the embedded Excel object has
somehow been converted to a picture image. The data doesn't need to update in
Word when Excel is updated as this is a one-off copy and paste but any ideas
why the object is being converted to an image (and thus removing the use of
the Excel tools in Word)?

I can only replicate this on the affected user's PC and one other that I've
found. Appears to be a machine-based problem as I've check the profile.
Version of Word is 2007 and his executable version is 12.0.6514.5000


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