From: Nathan Nobbe on
hi all,

we have a fresh opening for an entry-level php developer in stapleton (north
east denver).

feel free to hit me up off-list w/ questions or of course, if you are
interested in the position, thx,


*Required Skills (Proficiency expected)*

.. PHP5 – Object Oriented Concepts a must

.. Markup Languages - HTML, XML, (XSL nice to have)

.. Javascript - understanding of AJAX concepts a plus

.. SQL - table relationships, query writing, best-practices

.. One or more text editor / IDE (emacs / vim preferred)

.. *nix interaction – shell navigation, text editing

.. Version Control - SVN OK, GIT preferred

*Ideal Experience*

.. Symfony experience

.. Propel ORM experience (or other)

.. jQuery experience

.. Ubuntu (Other Debian derivatives) Linux

*Nice to Haves*

.. Action Script 2 / 3 / Flex


Welcome to Colorado Timberline, home of a diverse array of outerwear and
novelty products along with a gamut of decorative services. Colorado
Timberline is nestled in the industrial district in Stapleton, Colorado
where our domestic warehouse of roughly 3 million units resides.

As an entry-level application developer you will initially focus on support
of existing applications which are being replaced by senior developers as we
speak. As our platform matures to a 2.0 revision end-to-end, new development
opportunities will become available and you will have a chance to make your

Colorado Timberline uses a hybrid of Windows & Linux technologies, however
you will be focused almost entirely on the Linux side of the house. That
said, you should be proficient with Linux, ideally Ubuntu or other Debian
derivatives. A desktop will be provided for you, but you are free to use a
personal laptop if you wish. The senior development staff prefers to run a
development stack on personal laptops, so if that works for you, you'll fit
right in. We have been using gitosis internally for a couple of months now
and will be scrapping the last of the SVN repositories soon. You have to
have *some* prior knowledge of version control to qualify for consideration
here; if it's not git knowledge, we'll square you away.

High-level coding decisions belong to our senior architect who has over 15
years experience in software engineering. We are very open-minded, stubborn
folks when it comes to design, meaning, may the best idea win, but we stick
to design decisions and try to marginalize slop. We run PHP5 for mostly
everything that's custom. Essentially our code is designed to accept &
process orders for our merchandise. There are a lot of sub-systems;
all-in-all, the system is of moderate size. At one end of the stack there
are e-commerce front-ends, and at the other end of the stack are industrial
printing devices..; a great place to get introduced to the software
engineering industry!

*Office Environment*

Colorado Timberline isn't a huge company; there's about 60 of us at the
Stapleton location. We have a mixed crowd and several departments, which is
enough to be a small community of hard working folks. Attire is casual,
sometimes professional. Hours are semi-flexible, but we like to have a good
amount of overlap each day so we can all stay on track.

*Salary & Benefits*

This is an entry-level position, the salary is $35,000 initially, then
$40,000 after 90 working days. We have a competitive health package and 401k
option which will also become available after 90 days.

*Start Date*

* *Immediately