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Jeff - That's very helpful, just what I needed to know
Many thanks

"Jeff Boyce" wrote:

> You can use, as a primary key, a value entered automatically by the
> database. It has different names in different databases, but there's no
> need to have the user enter the [Company] primary key value ... unless you
> have some way of ensuring that two companies can't have the same companyID,
> in which case your user COULD enter the key.
> If your [Contacts] table (I assume you mean [CompanyContact]) has, as a
> foreign key, a field that points back to the [Company] record that "owns"
> it, you can use a main form/subform construction. Your main form would be
> the [Company] form, and the subform would show the [CompanyContact] table
> records that are related. You tell Access which fields to use as the
> 'parent' and 'child' fields, and Access handles putting the CompanyID into
> the [CompanyContact] record ... automatically!
> Good luck
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> Jeff Boyce
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> "CW" <CW(a)> wrote in message
> news:0C38626F-11E8-485B-B075-ADB3C55E5718(a)
> > I'm setting up a database of corporate customers, which will include our
> > contact persons at each of them. In some cases there are several contacts
> > at
> > a company, with different roles.
> > I will create one table for the Companies and another for the Contacts and
> > then a subform for displaying these at the bottom of the main company
> > form.
> > Presumably this is a classic one-to-many relationship and I will need a
> > primary key in the tblCompanies table (e.g. Company1) and then a similar
> > entry in the tblContacts table, for the link to be made.
> > Question - how does the key get entered into tblContacts? If there is a
> > relationship between the fields, will the relevant value (such as
> > Company1)
> > be automatically passed into tblContacts when a new Contact record is
> > created, because that is how the main form and subform are linked ? Or
> > does
> > the user have to input it manually?
> > Thanks
> > CW
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