From: Prasad Koukuntla on
We are seeing the following error, once in a while, returned from our SQL 2005 boxes. We have a .net application that runs ETLs to extract some data from these servers. I searched the net with no avail.

Source: .Net SqlClient Data Provider Message:
Schema changed after the target table was created. Rerun the Select Into query.
Method: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataReader ExecuteReader(System.Data.CommandBehavior, System.Data.SqlClient.RunBehavior, Boolean) Stack Trace: at SQLFunctions.CSQL.ExecuteQueryDR(SqlConnection sqlConn, String sSql, Boolean bThrowExceptions) at ETLProcessor.ExtractionSetThread.Start()

These ETLs create temp tables (for example, #test). I belive there are no schema changes being on the target table as suggested by the error.

Is this just a transient error?
Does anybody know the cause of this error and the resolution?

Thanks in advance

Prasad Koukuntla.