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H o w t o c r e a t e f l a s h d r o p d o w n m e n u s
a n d w e b s i t e n a v i g a t i o n ( t u t o r i a l . )

If you are like me, always on a hectic schedule between deadlines, you
will love In this tutorial. I am going to demonstrate you the fastest
and easiest way to create professional navigation for your websites.
Even if you are experienced flash/actionscript author, there is no point
on spending hours tweaking and modifying your design when you can do it
in just minutes.

I will present you Flash Menu Factory (FMF for short) is a valuable
tool, but almost kept secret among web designers. FMF simplifies the
design of 'flash menus' ( a lot. It
also offers many other site-navigation features like the creation of
tabs, web buttons, sidebars, sitemaps and more. In this tutorial I will
only focus in the creation of a simple website menu.

1 . S t a r t F M F

Click on the FMF Shortcut on your desktop. The main screen of the
software will look something like this:


2 . C r e a t e t h e m e n u s t r u c t u r e

FMF displays your menu structure in the following area:


Start creating your menu items by clicking the "Add item" or "Add
sub-item" buttons. As you make changes to your menu, they appear
immediately in the "Menu Preview Window."


3 . A d d y o u r p a g e l i n k s a n d d e s c r i p t
i o n t e x t

Edit your menu item�s Text by filling the corresponding blanks in the
"Menu Item Properties" window.

4 . S e l e c t y o u r m e n u ' s a p p e a r a n c e

Select one of the available "skins" (pre-made menu designs)from the
"Skin browser" window:


5 . S a v e i t . Y o u a r e d o n e !

Now you can save your menu in flash format: Click on the "Export"
icon.Do not forget to save your menu in FMF format as well, using the
"Save" icon.And really thats all about it! Now compare this the manual,
tedious process of creating navigation in Adobe Flash. And if your
client required some change in the menu structure, or appearance it it
can be done literally in seconds.

Of course, there are dozens of options to customize your menu, adding
sound effects, creating buttons, sidebars, tabs etc, but those are
beyond the scope of this tutorial. You will find more information at
'' (

I hope you found this tutorial useful!

Marc Thomson

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