From: JD Wood on
Hi, I recently had a new hard drive installed on my laptop and loaded Office
2007 onto it. When working with a somewhat large spreadsheet I received the
error "too many different cell formats", the moment this message is received
the formatting of all data in the spreadsheet changes back to original state
(meaning all formatting erased - normal 12 pt font, white background, unwraps
text - basically a plain white cell) and some of the tabs are completly
erased. I have researched this problem and found that it occurs when there
are over 4000 cell formats. I re-typed the info using minimal formatting and
still got the error. I have recently received the error in spreadsheets
that only contain 1 tab and only used about 40 - 50 cells. I have also
removed Office 2007 and installed it again, the problem persists. Can anyone
offer advice??
Appreciate your help!!