From: ssminnow on
Like PA Bear posted, go to the microsoft site:

Unlimited installation and compatibility support for Vista SP1 is available
at no charge through 18 Mar-09
• US:

and submit a case. I was VERY successful with a support rep from Microsoft.
It required deinstalling Norton AntiVirus and him running a microsoft tool
to reset permissions (looked like in the registry). Once that was done, I
was able to install the latest driver from HP and also the Microsoft update
for this monitor posted 08/2008.

"surfer100" wrote:

> Windows update just offered a recommended update to my monitor driver. It
> failed to install and gave error code 8007005.
> The install file shows "HP - other hardware - HP w2207 wide LCD,
> recommended, failed, 6/29" No other info. I tried rebooting and
> reinstalling several times, to no avail.
> I'm running Vista Home Premium SP-1 with all other updates. I'm the only
> user acccount with administrator priveleges, and user account control is
> turned on.
> I'm also unable to get HP's My Display software to run under Vista SP-1. It
> fails to launch. It is needed in order to use the portrait (pivot) display
> feature of this monitor.
> I've been through (literally) six rounds with HP support chat, trying
> multiple different ways to uninstall and reinstall, also to no avail. They
> basically gave up.
> The monitor resolution is fine...but i can't use all its features because
> the display software won't work.
> Then, suddenly windows auto update offered this driver update...which won't
> install.
> So...I suspect the problems are related.
> Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcomed.