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How did you go about doing that. Also, I can connect to all websites using
Firefox, just not IE7. I also can't get my updates. After doing some
research, I think it may the same issue you were getting, but I don't know
how to change to PPOA as opposed to PPOE.

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> Hi
> Like many others I received the above code when trying to update
> Windows.Likewise I was unable to access some websites but many were
> ok.
> Similar problems were encountered using a wireless enabled laptop
> suggesting the problem was with my router, not my computer.
> Eventually after struggling for weeks I contacted belkin who had
> supplied the router.We reset the factory defaults and reregistered
> using a PPO A connection type (rather than the automatic ppoe type)
> and its working.
> A bit unbelievable really
> JT
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> julianturner
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for me it was about changing my router settings and i did that with the
router type help desk.

full details from your internet provider will also be required


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